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Biodiversity Conversations: How important are the common loon and polar bears to Canadians?


About Women for Nature

Women for Nature is the collaborative voices of Canadian women with vision – women of influence who chose to demonstrate their passion for nature and pass their values on to others to drive change. Women for Nature is a philanthropic initiative comprised of professional women from across Canada – this unique partnership of motivated and influential women champion Nature Canada’s work to their network of colleagues and friends. Together they will be more effective in their efforts to save wildlife, protect nature and inspire young leaders for nature.

About the Series

Moderated by Professor Ann Dale, co-chair of Women for Nature, and in partnership with Nature Canada's Women for Nature initiative, this curated series of real-time virtual conversations will run over a period of 8 months, beginning in September 2017. Never has the protection of biodiversity been more important as the 2016 Living Planet Report revealed that 67% of wild animals will disappear by 2020. Furthermore, the Canadian government recently made an international pledge to conserve at least 17% of our lands and inland waters by 2020. Given this step forward, these conversations are even more timely as we have an opportunity to mobilize around this critical issue and explore how to continue to protect our ecosystems and significantly expand our protected areas. By convening female researchers, practitioners and civil society leaders from diverse sectors across the country to stimulate ideas, dialogue and local actions, we can identify and discuss strategies to help inform decision-makers as well as the Canadian public.

Designed to increase civic awareness, engagement, and literacy on the importance of biodiversity conservation for all Canadians, this series will explore the following questions:

  • Why is it important to Canadians?
  • What are the drivers and barriers for conservation?
  • How important are Canadian icons such as the common loon and polar bears to Canadian society?
  • Most importantly, what can we do individually and collectively to protect it?

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