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Integrated Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Early 2017. Led by Professor Ann Dale

Given the May 2016 wildfire in Alberta and the increase in wildfires in British Columbia, how do we adapt to the changing climate and world? Integration of disaster management and sustainability planning as well as harnessing community resilience and social capital for preparedness could move us towards proactive prevention. This could include the use of information and communication technologies, such as social media. In addition, as found through MC3’s research, we need to move beyond a siloed approach in considering mitigation and adaptation, and pursue an integrated sustainability strategy that has the potential to yield benefits for both adaptation and mitigation.


Biodiversity Conversations: How important are the common loon and polar bears to Canadians?

Stay tuned for this 2017 series featuring Women for Nature of Nature Canada

Moderated by the Co-Chair of Women for Nature, Professor Ann Dale, and in partnership with Nature Canada's Women for Nature, we are leading an online curated series of real-time virtual conversations starting in September 2017, over a period of eight months. Never has this imperative been more critical as the 2016 Living Planet Report states that 67% of wild animals will disappear by 2020. These conversations are designed to increase civic awareness around critical questions and engagement around the importance of biodiversity conservation for all Canadians.

• Why is it important to Canadians?
• What are the drivers and barriers for conservation?
• How important are Canadian icons such as the common loon and polar bears to Canadian society?
• Most importantly, what can we do individually and collectively to protect it?

By convening female researchers, practitioners and civil society leaders from diverse sectors across the country to stimulate ideas, dialogue and local actions, we can identify, discuss, and identify strategies to help inform decision-makers and Canadians.


Canadian Icons Project / Canadian Change Conversations

Stay tuned for this 2017 series

The Canadian Icons Project / Canadian Change Conversations celebrate our identity and citizenship. Launched in conjunction with Canada’s 150th Anniversary, these initiatives create a place and space, physical and virtual, for conversations about issues that are shaping our society today and tomorrow. The goal is to reflect on our achievements – but also to deepen engagement, inspire positive action, and promote change and innovation that make our communities and nation even stronger and more sustainable.

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