Building a Better Canada

This interactive map curates a series of websites that host initiatives, projects, and resources aimed at finding sustainable solutions that ensure a better life for all Canadians. Whether they focus on the environment, the economy, social justice, or all three, they share a collective goal to engage diverse Canadians and to elicit positive changes to public policy.

While illuminating the intersections between websites, we hope this map will increase connectivity and enhance greater collaboration between all the people working in this area. By removing barriers and providing access to invaluable knowledge, these websites not only invite citizens to engage in sustainable development, but also take informed action.

As a first incarnation, this map is an illustrative resource that will grow over time. We invite you to submit additional websites in the comment section below, that will continue the conversation.

Each website, represented as blue nodes, is connected to a series of overarching categories, represented as orange nodes. Click on the blue nodes to reveal biographical details, tagged categories, and a URL. The tagged categories encompass the types of Canadians that contribute to these websites. Hover over individual nodes or tags to reveal connections.