MC3 Visualizations for Campbell River, Victoria, and Vancouver

Using data from both phases of the MC3 interviews (as before), these new data visualizations dig into the individual local governments. The following three larger localities were chosen as illustrative examples: Vancouver, Victoria, and Campbell River.

The networks below show the comparative presence of topics in the past interviews (phase one) versus the newer interviews (phase two). Based on the number of times a topic was repeated (relative to overall word count), the connecting line between the topic and the city’s past/present node will be shorter or longer. Denser clusters around the past/present node means higher mentions of the nearby topics.

Click below to view the visualizations for each Local Government, and use the icons along the bottom of the page to zoom in and navigate the networks. 

View Campbell River visualization here (PDF)

View Victoria visualization here (PDF)

View Vancouver visualization here (PDF)