Meeting the Climate Change Challenge (MC3) Case Study Map

Climate change adaptation and mitigation is a critical imperative of this decade. The case studies highlight leading-edge actions in the province of British Columbia and internationally. These studies capture the efforts of communities in moving toward climate change adaptation and mitigation through initiatives such as integrated energy planning, systems-wide and integrated long-term planning and implementation. Use the interactive map below to access the case studies and read more on these efforts.

Navigating the Interactive Map of Case Studies

The case studies are identified on the map with markers. When you click on a marker for a particular case community, a description of the case study will appear in a pop-up box and you can click the title (i.e., community name) to open up the full study. The following types of case studies are featured on this map:


BC Community Case Studies - MC3 has captured leading edge innovations and lessons learned at the local level through a series of eleven case studies focused on communities in the province of BC - Victoria, Carbon Neutral Kootenays, Vancouver, Surrey, Dawson Creek, Eagle Island, Revelstoke, North Vancouver, Campbell River, Prince George and T'Sou-ke.

BC Provincial Case Studies - These studies provide province-level context to community climate change plans and initiatives by referring to provincial programs and their role in enabling local climate action (the studies are available in both English and French).

International Case Studies - These case studies highlight cities outside of Canada that are leading-edge in their climate adaptation and mitigation efforts - Copenhagen (Denmark), London (UK), Portland (Oregon, USA), Sydney (Australia), Malmö (Sweden), and Växjö (Sweden).


The interactive map has features that allow you to better explore the map and access the BC and international case studies. These features are as follows:


Move map function – Click and drag on the map in the window below to move the map around, and centre on different locations.

Zoom in/out function – Click the '+' and '-' buttons to zoom (respectively) in and out of the map, and view it at different scales.

Search map function – Use the search function to zoom to and centre on specific locations. Click the icon to open the search box, type in the name of the location you would like to zoom to and press enter, and then select the location from the drop down list that appears (after pressing enter).