About Joining a Conversation

e-Dialogues use a simple text-based discussion forum for easy access by diverse audiences. Use of the platform requires little to no training for anyone familiar with computers. It allows for an almost instant and direct record of the conversation to be archived and widely available – something that is not easy or accessible for audio and video systems. The text-based e-Dialogues also enable responses to the moderated questions to be more measured compared to the more instant demands of voice and visual communication. We believe that this simple text-based system has added value for trans-disciplinary dialogue when compared to more sophisticated technologies. Embedded in the platform is a 'live chat' feature in which e-audiences can converse with one another and ask the expert panelists questions about their dialogue.

This word cloud was developed by distilling the 100 most frequent concepts emerging from the e-Dialogues archives held over the last decade on sustainable community development in Canada.

An integral part of community development and social innovation is opening space for collaboration, hence this tool is available for you to contribute to and enhance its development through a non-commercial, attributable, share-alike creative commons license. Attribution should be made to Professor Ann Dale, School of Environment and Sustainability, Royal Roads University.