In order to move forward with sustainable community development and climate action, studies have shown that we need trans-disciplinary research collaboration (Bradford 2003; Dale 2001; Dale et al., 2012). CoLabS makes it easy to create scalable research networks that each community can customize for its collaboration needs. CoLabS complements face to face meetings with virtual meeting rooms, equipped with video calling, messaging, and shared files. While your community has the privacy of a virtual meeting room, CoLabS also hosts a public library and a space for sharing case studies, videos, and any other useful resources. We envision a network of connected hubs across Canada, for communities to easily work together and with one another to push emerging sustainability initiatives forward.


How to use this space

Signing up with CoLabS gives you and your group a private space equipped with the leading tools for virtual collaboration. The virtual meeting rooms include three features for your group or community—video calls and conference calling; the opportunity to create a private library of files and resources, and a capacity to take notes and to have chats. The Virtual Meeting Rooms are password-protected for your community to host video calls and conference calls with up to 12 people. Video calls take place within your browser window, there is no need to download any app or software; simply meet online. Upload files and resources to a private library using the File Sharing tool (requires a free sign-up with Pydio). Use the Take Notes and Chat feature to keep track of meeting notes and messages between your group (requires signing up with Yammer). All tools are meant to be used simultaneously within the same browser, to streamline the collaboration process. If you have any documents you wish to share, we encourage contributions to our Public Library. Share your success stories and read those of other communities by filling out our Success Stories template.