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Co-Benefits of Climate Action

We just led a virtual conversation on the co-benefits of acting on climate change. The e-audience included a mayor, a municipal councilor and a researcher from Scotland in addition to researchers and practitioners from across the country. While we didn’t get into the results of Brexit, many ideas about the co-benefits of acting on climate change emerged.

Co-benefits can be both intentional (deliberatively planned) and emergent (unanticipated), and there is a time dimension, some are shorter-term while others are much longer-term, an important consideration for political decision-makers when evaluating options. All agreed, however, on the importance of acting now and wherever possible, measuring the results. For example, the BC government estimates that every $1 invested in urban trees realizes $1.88 to $12.70 of benefits.

If you are interested in learning more, an illustrative climate action co-benefits map has just been published in the Share section of Changing the Conversation.

Changing the Conversation

We develop meaning and purpose through sharing our stories and in conversations

Some believe we have yet to begin the necessary conversations, while others argue there have been ongoing discussions over many decades that have not been heard. Some stories, such as growth have become so dominant, they have eliminated space about other perspectives. Changing the conversation is about re-enlarging public space and re-engaging different generations in virtual real-time e-Dialogues.

This intergenerational space is an experimental opportunity to rethink and reframe modern day challenges relevant to Canadian communities, to co-create innovative and scalable solutions. Governed by the principles of Socratic dialogue, this space hosts virtual real-time e-Dialogues and lead virtual peer-to-peer learning exchanges. It is also a repository for learning, best practices, tools and methodologies—a collaborative space to join or start a conversation.

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